CPU launches BAHÁNDÌAN Institutional Repository

CPU Bahandian digital repository
  • CPU BAHANDIAN Institutional Repository was officially launched, making it the first academic repository of its kind in the Visayas.

  • Bahandian, which means a container of treasure, will serve as a trove for scholarly works of CPU faculty, staff, students, and partner institutions.

Central Philippine University (CPU) recently launched BAHÁNDÌAN, the university’s official Institutional Repository. This digital library provides access to the research and publication output of the Central Philippine University faculty, staff, students, and partner institutions who are conducting collaborative research with CPU.

Bahandian Launching guests
CPU Bahandian launching guests: (L-R) Ma. Cynthia T. Peleña, Director of Libraries; Esther Rose A. Romarate, Vice President for Student Affairs; Atty. Von Lovel D. Bedona, Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Dr. Teodoro C. Robles, CPU President; Dr. Irving Domingo L. Rio, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Ester A. Guarin, Supervising Education Program Specialist CHED RO6; Dr. Reysa Alenzuela, Professor at CPU School of Graduate Studies and Consultant on Research and Publication under the CPU Office of the President; and Roanne Lozada, President of CPU Republic.

First University-based digital research repository in the Visayas

BAHÁNDÌAN is the first academic repository of its kind in the Visayas and the second institutional repository in Region 6. It is primarily for the management, dissemination, and preservation of digital materials that represent the scholarly work of the Centralian academic community.

Currently, journal publications of the university such as Patubas and Scientia et Fides are in the collection. Journal publications, theses, and dissertations of students and faculty are also prioritized. To protect copyright, only abstracts for research works produced from 1971 to 2021 are available. For those produced from 1970 and below, full text will be provided. Other CPU-related research publications such as books, reports, manuals, will also be added to the digital collection.

BAHÁNDÌAN: the name and logo

“Bahándìan” is a Hiligaynon term for a container of treasure. This name was chosen as the repository symbolizes a ‘treasure trove’ of valuable scholarly works of the institution. It will provide open, online access to the University’s research and scholarship, to preserve these works for future generations, to promote new models of scholarly communication, and to help deepen community understanding of the value of higher education.

The logo is a pearl encased in a shell with the Baybayin characters for Bahándìan. This is to symbolize the ‘treasure’ of knowledge held in the repository.

Maintained and managed by the CPU Henry Luce III Library

The Henry Luce III Library of Central Philippine University is managing the repository. Librarians and staff of the library are digitizing the materials for Bahandian. As of this writing, there are around 300 documents in the repository. More are being digitized and added to the collection daily.

Librarians and experts from the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center Aquaculture Department (SEAFDEC/AQD) Library and Data Bank in Tigbauan, Iloilo provided technical support and training for CPU Henry Luce III librarians and staff to help establish the repository.

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CPU BAHÁNDÌAN was officially launched on February 15, 2021 in the Rose Memorial Auditorium of Central Philippine University. The event was also streamed on Facebook Live via the University’s official social media pages.

This is one of the CPU Henry Luce III Library’s initiatives in response to the pandemic, the shift to online learning, the growing need for online resources and the promotion of a culture of research in the university. In June 2020, the library launched Bertha, the virtual library assistant, to great success.

Access the repository at https://repository.cpu.edu.ph/. For more information about the CPU Henry Luce III Library and our services, visit our website at https://library.cpu.edu.ph

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