About IBS Digital Network

ibs digital network

IBS Digital Network is an online news magazine that carries news and features that cover a range of themes such as current issues, human interest, business, technology and innovations, lifestyle, history, arts and culture, food and dining, health and education, travel and tourism, society and fashion, entertainment and sports.

Our goal is to deliver information to the local, national and global audiences.

IBS Digital is the brainchild of the Iloilo Bloggers Society, a community of legitimate Iloilo bloggers and online influencers with diverse backgrounds.

About Iloilo Bloggers Society

Iloilo Bloggers Society is a group of passionate Ilonggo content creators! We’re an active SEC-registered organization (Ilonggo Bloggers Society, Inc.) based in Iloilo City.

We are fueled by a love for storytelling and a desire to connect with the vibrant Ilonggo community.

Diverse Skills, Experience

Whether you’re promoting a brand, launching a product, hosting an event, sharing news, or championing an important cause, we’ve got the skills and passion to amplify your voice and connect with Ilonggos in a meaningful way.

• Writing and blog posting
• Social Media
• Video Making
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Remember, for bloggers in Iloilo, the answer is always Iloilo Bloggers Society!