Nile on Weekends Transitions to Coach

  • Nile Kris Banga, the blogger behind Nile on Weekends, transitions to coach.
  • Banga recalls his early days as blogger and why he has transitioned to coach.
  • Banga also gave insights about his new venture.

Iloilo Bloggers Society member Nile Kris Banga, the blogger behind Nile on Weekends, has recently revealed that he will be transitioning from blogger to coach, evident in his recently launched page In an interview, he recalls his early days as a blogger and why he has transitioned to coach.

“Nile On Weekends was a passion made to life on my way home after a one-day road trip on my 23rd birthday. The blog and branding website aims to be a platform for my perspective on valuable people, things, places, and ideas. My brand as a blogger and a marketing practitioner evolved throughout the years with growing brand partnerships, event features, travels, and marketing stories,” states Banga.

He also gave insights about his new venture.

“Nile.PH is a coach and training brand aiming to develop people to attain their greatest potentials and make their vision a realization and manifestation through good and right beliefs and proven life tools and strategies,” Banga states, “This brand is also connected to Nile on Weekends as I see everyone carrying a valuable potential to be someone someday. I dread to see a day that more dreams are dying because people are afraid to carry out their vision and more potentials are hidden in the grave because no one saw people’s potentials to be great,” he adds.
The coach also revealed the services he will offer: personal coaching and training on the following areas: personal branding, leadership, team development, business branding, and marketing, as well as series of sessions that will inevitably progress.

“Being coach, you get to impart to someone what life has taught you. More importantly, I have experienced phases of life without a coach and phases with coaches. I understand how to grope my way in the darkness. I also savored the moments when I have people to run to when I am in doubt or I have new ideas. As one of my coaches always said, always be ready to take your faith to the next level. It only takes one person to trust you with your dreams. That person can be you or your coach. Coaches can help you in these areas,” the coach adds.

It can be recalled that Nile has participated in various projects in the City of Love. This includes ‘Business at the Whartons’ with fellow blogger Gina Juarez. Business at the Whartons entails business insights with featured entrepreneurs in the metro.

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