MORE President Roel Castro among ‘line warriors’ in rehabilitation

  • More Power President and COO Roel Castro among ‘line warriors’ in rehabilitation efforts.
  • DU has been fervent in its preventive and rehabilitative operations.

More Electric and Power Corporation President (More Power Iloilo) and COO Roel Castro is among ‘line warriors’ in efforts to improve the distribution of electricity in the metro. It may be recalled that, since More Power Iloilo took over as Iloilo City’s official distribution utility, it has been fervent in its preventive and rehabilitative operations to ‘level up’ its services in the city of love.

‘Leading by example’ is one of the traits exhibited by MORE president Roel Castro.

The power chief takes pride in being with the frontline warriors. In a recent operation, Castro is seen leading linemen in rehabilitation operations in several barangays. He was also seen personally supervising a clearing operation in the city’s bike lanes.

MORE Power, the management and its employees laud Castro as he “exemplifies these traits by simply being in the frontline, supervising and inspiring his people, and pushing them forward with excitement, inspiration, trust, and vision.”

Roel Castro: ‘Leading by example’

Castro is known as the silent hands-on figure of More Power Iloilo. He has been instrumental in the transition of the company from the former DU, Panay Electric Company. He is called the ‘great establisher’ of MORE and is being respected among the rank and file employees for his work ethic and dedication to the company.

Prior to his connection with MORE Power, Castro is credited for setting up Palm Concepcion Power Corporation. The company has been lauded as the most advanced and fuel-efficient coal-fired power plants in the country. Like his present designation in his present company, Castro has been lauded for his hard work and excellent leadership skills.

MORE Power Iloilo

Since its start of operation in Iloilo City, More Power has been conducting rehabilitation works – this includes replacement of dilapidated poles, line maintenance works, and establishment of mobile substations, to mention a few.

Aside from rehabilitation, MORE Power has also established and mobilized innovations as part of its five-year development plan. It may be recalled that a 10MVA mobile substation has been energized to supplement the electricity needs of Iloilo Business Park, relieving the overloaded Mandurriao and Molo substation. Castro led the event and showed the valued stakeholders how committed MORE Power is to the community.

Castro was able to involve the community in battling one of the city’s oldest power problems: pilferage. Last December, the MORE management launched an incentive program rewarding individuals who report power pilferers. This initiative made an impact in eradicating the power pilferage problem in the metro.

Onwards to 2021

MORE Power welcomed 2021 by thanking the city for its patience during the DU’s transition. Moreover, the company is confident that it will be able to provide better service – and even surpass consumer expectations.

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