FAQs: Iloilo City’s guide to vaccination for COVID-19

  • Iloilo City’s guide to first timers for COVID-19 vaccination by the Iloilo Bloggers Society.

  • Iloilo Bloggers Society has compiled questions and answers about COVID-19 vaccination process.

Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding COVID-19.

Iloilo Bloggers Society is in full support to Iloilo City Government’s COVID-19 vaccination drive. The group has personally conducted a meeting with Mayor Jerry Treñas to strengthen the campaign to achieve the herd immunity for Ilonggos.

The Iloilo Bloggers Society has compiled the frequently asked questions from the Ilonggos and answered it based on our very own personal vaccination experiences.

vaccine iloilo
Photo by: Iloilo City Government

Do I need to register in the barangay?

Yes. Make sure that you were able pre-register from your respective barangay, or you can register via major malls and other vaccine registration booths in the city.

Don’t miss this step because your name will not appear on the vaccination sites and you will not be able to proceed to the vaccination proper if you fail to register.

What should I bring on my vaccination day?

You should bring the following:

  • Vaccination ticket – provided by your health worker or your barangay official
  • Any ID – for verification purposes
  • Eye/face shield or eyeglasses – follow minimum health standard protocol
  • Face Mask – follow minimum health standard protocol
  • Ball pen – you will need this because you will be signing a waiver

Is food allowed in the vaccination area?

It is recommended to eat your meal (breakfast or lunch) before going to the vaccination site. Food is strictly not allowed in the vaccination site because you will be removing your mask in order to eat. You can only bring bottled water.

Where are the Iloilo City’s vaccination sites?

For now, the following are dedicated as vaccination sites:

  • Iloilo Convention Center
  • Central Philippine University – Rose Memorial
  • University of San Agustin – Gym
  • Ateneo de Iloilo
  • Iloilo City National High School – City High
  • University of the Philippines
  • Our Lady of The Miraculous Medal (Calumpang) – Marian Hall

The local government is in the works of bringing the vaccination centers to barangays soon so the elderly and more Ilonggos will have an easier access to get vaccinated.

I’m afraid of the process, will there be people to assist me?

Yes. There are a lot of people to help you get through the process. They will assist you from the moment you enter until the moment you exit. Each person is delegated their own task and they are assisting everyone.

iloilo vaccination
Photo by: Iloilo City Government

What does the vaccination process looks like?

This is the flow:

  • First, you will be seated in a group. Please come on time as indicated in your vaccination ticket.
  • Second, when it is your turn, you will be asked to come to the encoding area where you will be presenting your ID. This is where when the staff will determine if you were able to register in your barangay. If yes, they will give you your printed waiver and information sheet where you affix your signature.
  • Third, you will now be lining for interview with a medical practitioner but do not be afraid. They will be asking you few questions about your allergies; recent medication and they will also be getting few vitals like blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Fourth, you will now be vaccinated. The medical practitioner will be explaining to you the possible side effects and the remedies.
  • Lastly, after vaccination, you will be seating in an area where few doctors will be monitoring how you feel after the vaccination. But don’t be afraid they will release you after few reminders.

What to do if you lost your vaccination card?

If you lost your vaccination card, kindly refer to this process:

  1. Get an Affidavit of Loss.
  2. Come to the venue on your scheduled date for 2nd-dose and bring with you your Affidavit of Loss and valid ID.
  3. In the registration area, print out your file that you were able to take your 1st-dose.
  4. Give the printout and the Affidavit of Loss to the personnel of GSO so they can give you your new vaccination card.
  5. Proceed to the vaccination process.

Do I have to pay for the vaccination ticket?

No. Vaccines are for FREE. You do not have to pay anyone to get your vaccine ticket. If you experience that someone or anyone is selling or asking you money for it, do not hesitate to report the person on the nearest staff of officer you see in the venue.

As of July 14, 2021, Iloilo City is already at 23.87% (first dose) 3.78% (fully vaccinated).

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