JPT Ediscape promotes sustainable farming

JPT Ediscape

JPT Ediscape (edible landscape) is one of the city government’s initiatives through the Iloilo City Agriculturist Office (ICAO), aimed at fostering unity and empowering every Ilonggo through barangay-based cultivation.

The project piloted in an initial 12 barangays in 2020, expanded to 31 barangays on its 2nd cycle, and will have 50 participating barangays on its third cycle.

The 200-sqm communal garden in Veterans Village, City Proper, is one of the participating barangays that started in 2021.

String beans, lady’s fingers, bitter melon, squash, and lemongrass, among other nutrient-rich organic veggies and crops, may now be found in what was once a junkyard, dumpsite, and parking lot.

A mini bahay kubo was built to serve as a seed and gardening tool storage area.

JPT Ediscape

The garden uses hydroponics, a technique for growing plants without soil, and potential mushroom cultivation is looked at to bring more produce to the locals.

More than 100 residents received fresh produce in exchange for donating water gallons and plastic storage containers for the garden.

A good fraction of the produced kilos of vegetables was also shared with Fort San Pedro Elementary School for the feeding programs.

ICAO shows their support to the community by conducting briefings on land preparation, planting of seeds, proper maintenance of plants, and providing agricultural supplies.

JPT Ediscape has helped improve the nutritional status of beneficiaries, provided livelihood opportunities for the community and access to healthy but cheaper produce, given a boost to the psycho-social well-being of the Ilonggos, and created a clean and green environment.

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