Foodie Guide for couples this Valentines Day – SM City Iloilo Food Crawl

Are you looking for places to bring and date your foodie partner this Valentine’s day? Then SM City Iloilo is the right place for you!

From Filipino homegrown Ilonggo and Panay dishes to different varieties, SM City Iloilo has something for everyone’s food taste. Enjoy wide array of dishes that has been everyone’s favorite through generations and new stores with unique flavors that are creating a whole new level of dining experience.

SM City Iloilo – Main Mall

Prince Baker (Located at Lower Ground Floor, Main Mall)

Prince Baker SM City Iloilo
Prince Baker SM City Iloilo

If you want to treat your partner the best pastries, tarts and macaroons in Iloilo City, then Welcome to Prince Baker! Known for its traditional Bicho freshly prepared with high-quality ingredients without artificial flavors, Prince Baker offers scrumptious delicacies and treats not only breads but also snacks, coffees, all-day breakfast and rice meals.

SM City Iloilo – Foodhall/Food Court

Lazy Susan (SM Foodhall)

Lazy Susan taiwanese street food

Experience a Taiwanese food trip with your partner at Lazy Susan. This amazing restaurant brings Taiwanese streetfood and delicacies to Ilonggos. It offers different varieties of signature dishes like noodles and bao. The kitchen shows off a vibrant atmosphere that will surely catch your attention. Other than its main spice – Sichuan spicy noodles, all of their food in the menu are appealing with amazing mix of flavors that you shouldn’t miss out.

Abrahams Chicken (SM Foodhall)

Abraham chicken

If you and your partner are chicken lovers, you’ll surely fall inlove with Abrahams Chicken! With multiple and different flavors to choose from such as Korean Soy Sauce, Fried Bulgogi, Garlic, Honey Lemon, Dakgangdyong and many more, Abrahams Chicken not only serve chicken but also burgers with amazing Bundle and Family Package Meals. Satisfy your chicken wings cravings only here at Abrahams Chicken.

Casa Ilongga (SM Foodcourt)

Casa Ilongga batchoy

Home of the original La Paz Batchoy, Casa Ilongga has been serving Filipinos with authentic Ilonggo cuisine and flavors for almost 40 years. From what started with a small 8-table eatery, now with many branches nationwide, Casa Ilongga’s flavorful home-cooked dishes are something that you and your partner should try.

Breakthrough Restaurant (SM Foodcourt)

Discover the delicious taste of Iloilo’s tradition at Breakthrough. Enjoy mouthwatering dishes crafted with the freshest ingredients. From succulent seafood to vegetarian and vegan options, Breakthrough offers high-quality food at an affordable price since the 80s. Treat your partner and your taste buds to a unique dining experience at Breakthrough; where good food and good ideas meet.

Scones and clotted cream by Mrs. Wharton (SM Foodhall)

Indulge in the sweet and savory delights of Scones and Clotted Cream by Mrs. Wharton. This little store is a hidden gem, serving up a tantalizing selection of pastries, cake slices, love boxes, and artisan desserts perfect for gifting to your love one. With no fixed menu, every day is a surprise! From delectable cakes and tarts to soft cookies and, of course; Scones. This spot is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Coffee Brewtherhood (SM Foodhall)

Just thinking of having a peaceful and cozy date with your partner? Then experience the warmth and comfort of home at their cozy coffee shop, where every sip of delicious coffee is crafted with the aim of making a difference in people’s lives.
Coffee Brewtherhood strive to create a sense of belonging and good spirit through the inviting atmosphere and delicious selection of cakes and sweets. Treat yourself to a beautiful and loving cup of coffee and enjoy the company of good people at the place that feels you belong.

SM City Iloilo – SM Southpoint

Ocean City Bistro (GF, SM SOUTHPOINT)

Are you in search of a delicious and fun dinner option to bring your partner? Look no further than Bistro Ocean City! The menu features a wide variety of grilled meats and seafood, including the highly sought-after Filipino dish of “managat” (Red Snapper) steamed with soy and ginger sauce, known for its tender and flavorful taste.

Whether you have a specific taste or are open to trying new things, we have something for everyone. Bistro Ocean City is filled by families and groups of friends and couples creating a lively atmosphere with laughter and conversations around you. Come join in on the fun!


Craving some delicious Filipino dishes? Ramboy’s is the place to go. Known for serving “Aklan’s best chicken & liempo”, their menu features a variety of all-time Filipino favorites such as patatim, lechon manok, crispy pata, halabos na hipon, kinilaw na tanigue, kare kare, calamares, sweet & sour pork, and more.

The portions are generous and the staff is welcoming and friendly. The menu is varied from local cuisine to usual Filipino Food, offering options to try something new or stick your special someone some crave-worthy Filipino food.

Kusina Tsina (GF, SM SOUTHPOINT)

Looking for a nostalgic culinary adventure? Look no further than Kusina Tsina. The food is simply spectacular, from the steamed siomai to the sweet and sour pork with lychee – it will leave your taste buds wanting more. Not only is the food amazing, but the atmosphere is lovely as well.

The restaurant features Chinese decor, creating a traditional Chinese-Pinoy comfort food experience reminiscent of the great food found in Binondo in the early 80s. They have all the classic dishes you know and love, such as Pancit canton, asado, hamonado and camaron rebosado. Don’t miss out on this fantastic dining experience, come and try it out with your partner!

Kurukape (GF, Southpoint)

Looking for a unique and cozy coffee shop experience? Kurukape is the place to go. Its minimalist concept and theme attracts anyone especially couples,but the real catch is its coffee products. Ilonggos are known for being coffee lovers and the popularity of Kurukape as a local coffee shop is a testament to this.

It has a menu that features all-day breakfasts, pastas, sandwiches, sweets, and of course, comforting coffee, something for everyone to enjoy. The peaceful and inviting vibe of the shop will make one want to stay a little longer and savor every sip of their coffee. It’s a great opportunity to try the best coffee in town, don’t miss it!

SM City Iloilo – SM Northpoint

Bread Basket (Lower Ground Floor, Northpoint)

Experience a whole new world of freshly baked cakes and pastries with Bread Basket at SM City Iloilo! Their specialties include breads, pastries, coffees and teas. The Bread Basket is perfect for big or small celebrations at an affordable price. Enjoy and create fun and shared memories with your loved one at Bread Basket.

JD Bakeshop (Ground Floor, Northpoint)

Are you on a budget but wants to treat your partner some goodies? Then check out JD Bakeshop! You can choose from wide varieties of breakfast, lunch, snack, dinners, deserts and coffees. Their breads and pastries cake are top-notch and worth the money. JD Bakeshop goodies are perfect for gift-giving sweets and treats.

Nicolette Bakery + Café (Upper Ground Floor, Northpoint)

Nicolette is a homegrown favorite must-visit destination for foodies in SM City Iloilo! It offers wide variety of freshly-baked goodies like breads, pastries and pizzas. The restaurant also serves all-day breakfasts and chicken, fish, pork and beef entrees. Its warm and cozy atmosphere make it a perfect spot to just chill, talk about life with your partner and eat Iloilo’s best treats.

Bluejay Coffee & Company (Upper Ground Floor, Northpoint)

Are you looking for a cozy place to hangout, read or simply work together with your special someone? Then visit Bluejay Coffee & Company at SM City Iloilo. They also offer Fruity Coolers, Smoothies, and all-day breakfasts aside from their hot and cold brews. Not only you’ll enjoy their food but you’ll surely have fun taking pictures for the gram within their homey-laid back cozy interiors.

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