5 important things earning adults must have

  • Maximize your money and resources properly
  • Be a source of courage and positivity
  • Take your dreams higher and brighter

We work not just to earn a living but also to make our life better. In this article, we will recommend 5 important things to have in order to maximize your money and resources.

1. Passport

A passport is an important document that any individual must possess to be able to travel abroad. It comes handy, especially for last-minute business trips. It also contains your details that can be utilized for legal transactions like acquiring a loan, a house, a gadget, among others.

To acquire a valid identification like a passport, you can book an appointment with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) through the internet.

2. Respectable social media account

Make sure that you have a social media account that reflects you well as a professional. Have a tidy-looking profile where potential partners or clients can see. A good social media profile is your internet footprint. Your future boss or business partner may take a look at what you have done in your past.

Profile photo. Use a catchy but decent colored photo. Ideally, you need to have a studio shoot or a formal lifestyle-themed outdoor session with your favorite photographer. If not, use a good camera to capture a clear and realistic photo of you with a good background. For women, wear a beautiful decent dress. For men, a nice polo would be great.

Complete details. A social media account with complete details is recommended. If you are building your social media presence, it is important to always consider the information you put on it. Your page visitors assess the content available and may act according to what they see. The information we provide is a tool for better communication and connection.

Use your real name and the city you live in, as much as possible. But there can always be exceptions if you think you are that open for such public listing. You may use a decent screen name if you wish. You might be more comfortable using pseudo names or nicknames just like what other people do. Just weigh things right. Nicknames are totally fine, that’s what you are popular with, why not?

Etiquette. You are what you say and do. Be sensitive about what you post. Is it helpful or does it reek of negativity? Be careful with your comments on others’ posts as well. If you think you have published something embarrassing about you or against someone, please do yourself a favor by taking it down. If someone else made a post, message the person, respectfully ask if they could consider taking it down and explain your side. Life is easy if you know how to negotiate.

3. Dream board

You may find this old school and unusual, but a dream board has been proven to help focus on your goals. A dream board is where you can compile your goals. It can be a piece of board that you post on your mirror or wall or a digital format such as your gadget’s screensaver.

This is one way of reminding yourself to do better every day. Some fill their dream boards with photos of them being happy, a nice home, a gorgeous car, dream income per month, places to go, target savings and net worth, a harmonious family, and dream business, among others.

4. Mantra

“Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power.” — William James

It’s good to have a life verse, a quote, or a motto that we can always hold on to, something that we believe in that gives us light and power especially when we feel like giving up. May this belief bring you endless positivity and success.

 5. Financial security

Open a bank account. One way of managing your earnings is to have a bank account. It may be used for one’s emergency fund — a liquid or easy-to-withdraw fund. It also encourages you to become thrifty, improve your finances, and build a good financial record. The bank can provide you with a valid record, certifications, or documents that you might need in the future such as getting a car or housing loan.

Banks are offering zero-maintaining fees. You can start with that, and later on explore. Once you already have an account, you can also download an app, link your account and use it as a convenient way to pay bills.

The basic requirements in opening a bank account include a valid Government-issued ID, a Tax Identification Number, a Certificate of Employment (COE) if you are employed, and some supporting documents. Banks have their specific requirements, so, schedule a visit to your nearest reputable bank and ask the new accounts staff.

Retirement fund. We work hard to provide our family’s needs and build ourselves. At times, saving money can be a struggle. But we need to pay ourselves first and it’s not too late to start preparing for the future by creating a retirement fund.

A retirement fund is a money that has grown over the years so that you can use it when you have retired from work. It works like a pension, too.

We have government agencies such as SSS, GSIS, and Pag-ibig that accept monthly contributions so you can prepare for your retirement. One may also sign up for investment plans with insurance. You may reach out to a financial advisor who can help assess your financial standing and recommend the best investment for you. Talk to your financial advisor today!

Life Insurance. One of the best gifts you can give yourself or your family especially during a major crisis is life insurance. As an earning adult with so many dreams in life, there’s no doubt that what you most work for is probably intended for either fulfilling your dreams with the people you love or for self-fulfillment.

Life insurance works best when you are no longer able; when the time comes that you can no longer work physically for yourself. If you are the main provider or breadwinner of your family, or simply “if you love your family”, having it ready is probably the best decision you could make.

Buy a variable unit-investment link product or what they call insuravest, an investment plan plus insurance. You can grow your fund and use it as your retirement fund while protecting yourself and income as of the moment. Good luck!

How did you find the 5 practical things listed above in improving your life as an adult? Which topic did you like the most? What other must-haves do you suggest? Tell us in the comment box below. Please don’t forget to share this valuable article with your family and friends!

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