Top Barter Deals at Iloilo Barter Community in its First Week

As of this writing, I have already traded the following – my Bath and Body Vanilla for a coffee press, my Avon True Color Foundation for a planner and earrings, a box of Enfagrow for a non-stick pan and storage jars and an adult diaper for stationery items. On my schedule are Wet N’ Wild lipstick for sticky notes and pens, another Wet N’ Wild lipstick for a notebook and assorted candies for loot bags for a planner.

Sadya. Lingaw. These are the top words I can describe whenever I made a successful trade. Every day, a meet up happens everywhere in the city and province. Iloilo Barter Community (“IBC”) in its first week it truly taking Iloilo by storm. It helps us de-clutter the stuff we hoarded, we kept for too long and stuff that are no longer useful to us.

What Sparks Joy?

Not too long ago, the name Marie Kondo became a buzz with her KonMari Method – a system of simplifying and organizing your home by getting rid of physical items that do not bring joy into your life. In the IBC, it is noticeable that almost 90% of the items are things in the home that the owner is no longer using. If you are looking for something to trade, the best method is to hold that thing and ask yourself, does this spark joy? If your answer is no, maybe this is the best time to trade it to someone who can feel joy when that thing is with him.

Here are the top barter deals that are happening around the online community:

Bartering for Baby Needs

Parents are giving away their cribs, strollers, toys in exchange of their baby needs like diaper and milk. Some would trade off their brand new shoes or kitchen items for this basic necessities.

Bartering for Plants

Ilonggos are also into gardening! A huge number of people are trading off their things in exchange of potted indoor and outdoor plants, herbs and spices or fruit bearing trees.

Bartering for Food

This is a hit! Some would trade their spare things for mangoes, avocados, shrimp or rice. Branded items in exchange of a box of pizza or buckets of chicken.

These are only the majority of trades but the items you can get is not limited to these. You can trade almost everything except for pets, your nosy tita or your neighbor. The IBC has a set of rule so please adhere to maintain the quality of the group.

Happy trading to all!

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