Iloilo City crafts Local Energy Plan

The City Government, with technical assistance from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) – Energy Secure Philippines, is developing its Local Energy Plan (LEP) through a training workshop held April 19 at City Hall Penthouse Auditorium.

Participants from key city departments and offices, Department of Energy, and stakeholders from the energy sector joined the one-day activity.

“We are pleased to meet the representatives of USAID as we work together to create our local energy plan. With this, we are hoping to earn the Energy Efficiency Excellence Award by the end of the year,” said Trenas.

The USAID will guide the LGU and various stakeholders through a series of workshops in crafting long-term energy conservation plans, creating an Energy Efficiency Conservation Office, Local Energy Plan, Ordinance for the Local Energy Code, and EVOSS or Energy Virtual One Stop Shop, which will provide the energy-based online situation of business and investment promotions of the City Government.

The LEP is the localized version of the Philippine Energy Plan. It will look at the totality of energy needs of the local government, plan for the efficient use of energy resources, and advance economic growth while protecting the environment among others.

With this development, Iloilo City will be better prepared to address the growing energy demands alongside its inevitable economic progress.

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