Iloilo City invests over P100-million for education of Ilonggos

Iloilo City Government has invested at least P116-million to enhance the educational needs of the Ilonggos amidst the pandemic since 2020.

City Hall has initiated programs and projects and provided assistance to augment public education quality and standards.

Initiatives have been implemented to reach out to Ilonggos for their education to continue even at home.

Mayor Jerry Treñas hopes that through these improvements, students in city-run schools will be able to become competitive or at par with their private counterparts.

“There were no face-to-face classes but it did not hinder us to stop, so we made big adjustments to meet the requirements of modular and online teaching,” said Special Assistant to the Mayor Maria Mathilde Treñas.

P60-million was spent for production of modules for purchase of consumables including bond papers and inks.

P15-million worth of 587 laptops were given to teachers with 100 percent Internet connectivity upgraded to fiber optics lines.

P14-million worth of printed modules were given to students.

P4-million was used to purchase 17 risograph machines and 17 photocopiers.

These were sourced out from the Special Education Fund (SEF) benefitting 68 elementary and high schools.

“We also installed washing areas for cleaning of hands to ensure health safety,” Treñas said.

A total of P23-million or P350,000 per school for wash facility consisting of six faucets, sinks, water tanks, connected to distribution lines or using deep well and water pump.

CCTV cameras were also installed to secure the 68 schools.

“Now, we are preparing for the return of students depending on the national government. The teachers and school personnel were vaccinated for their safety. Actually, part of SEF was used to purchase city vaccines, I think 600,000 doses. We also donated to other areas,” said Treñas.

“We involve schools and PTAs (Parents Teachers Associations) to help in the campaign for 5-11 vaccination. So when the time comes for face-to-face classes, children will be much safer because if they are vaccinated they will get protection from severe form of COVID-19,” she added. (Alexandra Jover/Iloilo City PIO)

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