Iloilo books you should consider reading

  • Below is the list of Iloilo’s books brought to you by the Iloilo Bloggers Society.

  • Ilonggos can always learn about our own history — and it is documented.

  • These Iloilo books will help us understand how we got to the present.

Philippines is an archipelago with more than 7,600 islands making it the world’s 5th largest island country. Panay, the island where Iloilo is located ranks 6th in terms of the largest island in the country. It may not be as vast as the Pacific Ocean but looking for references about Iloilo to add to your reading list can still be overwhelming.

With the number of websites, blogs, vlogs and the like rises, the search for the trusted and reliable sources becomes quite a challenge.

The Iloilo Bloggers Society, through IBS Digital, has compiled the titles to add to your diverse to be read (“TBR”). If you want to see what Iloilo can offer or if you want to simply delve into the rich Iloilo culture, here is a good list to start.

Iloilo: The Most Noble City: History and Development 1566-1898 by Policarpo Hernandez

Iloilo The Most Noble City

This book gives wealth of historical data on Iloilo City from 1566 to 1898. It covers not only the city but also includes the context of the history of elegiac Panay as well as that of revolutionary Philippines.

The book also covers the story of the Ilonggo volunteers fighting against the Katipunan being the reason why Queen Maria Cristina of Spain called the city La Muy Noble Ciudad. The book has also a discussion on the sugarcane and textile industry as well as the participation of Graciano Lopez Jaena and the Propaganda Movement.

This is an ideal reference if you are looking for an intensive discussion on Iloilo’s local history.

Iloilo: A Rich and Noble Land edited by Anita B. Feleo

Iloilo A Rich and Noble Land

This book tours you through Iloilo’s rich history, food, language, economic, architecture and the whole of Ilonggo culture. The book timelines the story of how a royal place became a commoner and how it is slowly regaining back its crown as the Queen City of the South.

Sixteen writers wrote the various articles edited by Anita Feleo, photography by Sonny Yabao and book design by Felix Mago Miguel. The Editorial Board for this Iloilo book project consisted of Oscar M. Lopez, Rex C. Drilon II, Narzalina Z. Lim, Raul Rodrigo, Dario J. Pagcaliwagan and Dulce Festin-Baybay.

Iloilo, the Book: A Photographic Essay by Iloilo’s Leading Photographers by Pia B. Gutierrez

This book tells about Iloilo in a form of visual storytelling through a series of photograph by leading local photographers. A great photo essay which powerful enough to induce emotion and understanding about Iloilo without too much text. It is photo essay that will bring the reader along a narrative journey.

Bibliography on Iloilo’s History and Culture: A Bibliographic Guide to the History and Culture of the City and Province of Iloilo by Henry Florida Funtecha

This bibliography lists the sources on Iloilo’s History and Culture. Henry Florida Funtecha has also other works about Iloilo. These are: Iloilo in the 20th century: an economic history; Historical landmarks & monuments of Iloilo; and Popular festivals in Western Visayas.

These books are available at Amazon Books and Google Books.

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