Iloilo City Public Library continues to serve in the new normal

ICPL staff preparing learning modules for kids

  • Due to the new normal, the Iloilo City Public Library (ICPL) located at the Iloilo City Hall, is offering both online and offline resources for the Ilonggo public, especially kids who are learning
  • Their services include online storytelling, free modules for download and printing, online library help, and computers for public use
  • Iloilo City Councilor Candice Tupas has also proposed an ordinance to establish an online library for ICPL

The Iloilo City Public Library (ICPL) is a rich resource center for books, newspapers, literature, and various resources.

Just like the rest of the public service facilities of the city government, the ICPL was also affected by COVID-19. Face-to-face and physical visits ceased during the first wave of community lockdown imposed by the City Government from March to May this year.

Sooner, however, it started to organize online activities for library users and it expanded online services to help Ilonggos, especially the kids, with their education and learning needs. Since then, the library has sustained its services by integrating health regulations imposed by the government to contain the spread of the virus.

“We are doing this for our children. The kids are a priority especially those with special needs on their education. The library wants to provide appropriate learning and to make their minds work,” said Iloilo City Librarian Marion Aguirre.

Online services are not new to the City Public Library. Ahead of the pandemic, activities like storytelling were already in place and online assistance to researchers who have queries about literature, historical materials, and information resources about Iloilo City was already established.

The ICPL has installed plastic barriers to ensure physical distancing. The library also provides alcohol and face masks for clients.

Yet the Coronavirus pandemic has brought something new to the City Public Library. Here are the combined online and offline services that it provides to the Ilonggos:

Online Storytelling. Since April, the library has been conducting online storytelling using pre-recorded videos. This is posted on their Facebook page and it is accessible among public viewers, especially parents. The storytelling videos are at @iloilocitypubliclibrary.

Free services from learning modules to printing. The library offers learning modules designed for children ages 4-10 years old on subjects such as English, Arts, and Math. Modules that cover Science and Mother-Tongue will be included soon.

These materials are also accessible on its Facebook page. Not only that, these are downloadable and parents can also avail of the free module printing service of the library. Lots of freebies here.

According to Aguirre, the free services program of the library has benefited different barangays in the city. The library personnel and staff have distributed around 250 modules to community beneficiaries from March up to September alone. The initiative is aligned with the Treñas administration’s online services for Iloilo City constituents.

Dept. of Information and Communication Technology. In this section, the library offers – another free – free computers for use of the public. The service is designed to help Ilonggos who needs a computer device for educational use or for personal necessity.

Online Library Help. This particular service is also accessible on the Facebook account of the library. “Researchers and information end-users who may have questions or inquiries to the library can use the chat section or they can send a message to us through the messenger. We are operating this to address their needs,” shared librarian Julia Imme Jover.

Proposed Online Library. In last month’s Sangguniang Panglungsod regular session, City Councilor Candice Tupas introduced a proposed ordinance that intends to enhance the accessibility of the public library and formalize its online operations under the new normal.

“It is important that research and leisurely reading shall be done also through online. I’m sure that the city library is already prepared for that but I think that it is just right that our city will be able to create an online library which can be used by children and adults of all ages,” explained Councilor Tupas regarding the intention of the ordinance.

The proposed ordinance is now making headway for it’s now in the hands of SP Committee members on Education and IT for study and refinement.

The Iloilo City Public Library is open to serve you your various library, learning, and education needs. It is located on the 2nd floor of the Iloilo City Hall and is open for the Ilonggo public from Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Visit its Facebook page to familiarize yourself with its services; know the health protocols being observed, and get updated announcements.

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