Gordon hails ‘Mang Tatoy’ as model of Filipino entrepreneurs

Senator Dick Gordon and Tatoy Espinosa of Tatoy's Manokan in Iloilo City.

Senator Richard J. Gordon has lauded Ilonggo businessman Honorato “Mang Tatoy” Espinosa as an inspiration for Filipino entrepreneurs who strive to rise from the clutches of poverty towards triumph.

Gordon recently flew to Iloilo City to convey personally his birthday greetings to Mang Tatoy, a proprietor of the renowned eponymous Manokan and Seafood Restaurant, who was celebrating his 90th birthday.

“He (Mang Tatoy) was not worried about the fact that he was short on formal education but in the education of life, which are the values of hard work, ambition and certainly our respect for our Lord, of our God. Champion ‘yan. And that is why he is blessed,” he said.

“Because of his hard work, we need models like him. [Unlike] itong mentality ng iba na nagmamadaling yumaman at all costs. Without having the best part of creating wealth is not just wealth for yourself but tinutulungan niyo ang kapuwa nyo,” he added.

Mang Tatoy was never hindered by his elementary-level education and always thought outside of the box that allowed him to carve success for his family and others.

Originally a fisherman and “tuba” harvester, Espinosa was able to channel all his meager profit that transformed a humble three-table set up in the early 1970s into the most popular local restaurant chain in Iloilo City.

What’s most important, according to Gordon, is that Mang Tatoy’s feet remained on the ground despite his achievements.

Gordon added that people should take inspiration from Mang Tatoy’s business model of never settling for mediocrity, something that the Senator has embraced all his life.

“Tatoy reinvested. I always say this when I speak to others, ang policy ni Tatoy are — work, save, invest, prosper. Whenever he works hard to save the money, ‘di sa alkansiya, but he reinvests it,” he remarked.

“Tatoy has done tremendously well for himself. Not bothering anybody. Just continued to work, sagwan ng sagwan and he has reach destinations that many of us could only dream about,” he added.

Gordon hopes Mang Tatoy will continue to sustain a lot of peace and contentment as he enters the sunset of his life.

He continued that he envisions a Philippines with more Mang Tatoy, a person who never stepped on other’s toes to be able to create success.

“So, I want you to all to know we love Tatoy for his values. I don’t need anything from him but I love him for his example and I love him for being a model,” mentioned Gordon. (via Senate | Photo via Dick Gordon, Tatoy’s FB)

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