delaware Philippines Strengthens 7-Year Partnership with ACEN to Drive Sustainable Business Transformation 


delaware Philippines, a global leader in advanced ICT solutions and services and a long-term SAP partner in the Philippines, has yet again solidified its 7-year running partnership with ACEN, the listed energy platform of the Ayala Group. This collaboration aims to propel ACEN’s journey towards a future-ready and sustainable business process, ensuring their operations are well-equipped for tomorrow’s challenges.

The partnership between ACEN and delaware transcends mere solution delivery. Having collaborated for over seven years, ACEN recognizes delaware as their key partner in achieving their digitalization, business process efficiency and sustainability goals. This trust is exemplified by their joint win of the Sustainability Award under the Category of The Future Maker for SAP Best Run Awards for Southeast Asia last 2021. Furthermore, the partnership has expanded across seven (7) phases of implementation of SAP S/4HANA across more than 100 companies, both local and international, under ACEN.

To improve its reporting and highly manual processes, ACEN standardized them and prioritized technology-enabled operations. The implementation of a centralized business platform, SAP S/4HANA, by delaware Philippines, facilitated real-time reporting, streamlined
operations, and improved corporate governance. Moreover, the transition from manual to electronic processes yielded resource savings and optimized inventory management for ACEN.

The secure business platform implemented by delaware strengthened data integrity and cybersecurity for ACEN. ACEN’s digital transformation journey, characterized by strong leadership commitment for process automation, resulted in significant efficiency gains
and well-structured day-to-day operations.

Building on this successful collaboration, ACEN is confident in delaware’s ability to deliver exceptional SAP solutions to further improve their business processes even more.

“As we propel towards a sustainable future coupled with high impact digital solutions, delaware has been an invaluable partner, streamlining and optimizing ACEN support operations. Their unparalleled expertise and global knowledge, supported by an agile and dynamic team of professionals, have been instrumental in our success allowing us to continue delivering safe, reliable, and ever-cleaner energy” said Zeeshan Pervez, President of ACE Shared Services (ACES), the shared services arm of ACEN.

Partner and Delivery Head of delaware Philippines Rosette Carrao emphasized this shared vision, stating, “Our collaboration with ACEN represents more than just delivering solutions; it’s about driving positive change and shaping a sustainable future.”

Senior Vice President for Customer Success of delaware Philippines Simone Pigason echoed Carrao’s enthusiasm for the transformative potential of the partnership.

“Our collaboration with ACEN represents a powerful fusion of human and technological innovation. We are proud of the seven years of strong partnership, and we are excited to empower ACEN to not only optimize its operations but also in the future, lead the charge
towards a greener, more sustainable future. This partnership exemplifies our shared commitment to driving meaningful change and creating lasting impact,” Pigason added.

With the unwavering support and expertise of delaware Philippines, ACEN is well-positioned to achieve its goals and become a leader in the renewable energy space. Together, they inspire industries worldwide to embrace sustainability, paving the way for a brighter
and more sustainable tomorrow.

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