83rd Iloilo City Charter Day: Message from Mayor Jerry P. Treñas

Iloilo City Charter Day 2020 message of Jerry P. Trenas

Iloilo City Charter Day 2020 message of Jerry P. Trenas

Iloilo City is celebrating the 83rd Charter Day today, August 25, 2020, and the City Government has prepared a simple commemoration through a Live Show via Facebook focusing on the unity of the Ilonggos amidst COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s the full message of Mayor Jerry P. Treñas, as shown in the live video:

“Last year we scaled down our Charter Day celebration because we could not afford to have a grand merriment while many are sick and suffering from the Dengue outbreak.”

“Today, as we commemorate the 83rd Iloilo City Charter Day, it is with a heavy heart that I admit that we are confronted with an even more challenging situation as we fight against COVID-19 that has become a serious threat to public health and has affected the economy on a global scale.”

“However, I believe that the humble beginnings of our beloved city are worth remembering and celebrating.”

“The celebration may not be grand as those we have in the past years, but I believe that the true essence of why commemorate the Charter Day is the unity of each and every Ilonggo. In the past five months, people have been suffering from the impact of COVID-19 in various shapes and pains. Many have lost their jobs, hundreds of businesses have closed down and thousands of people have died.”

“Here in Iloilo City we are very lucky to have a very strong public and private partnership because the private sector especially the business community, has been tirelessly helping the City Government in addressing the various concerns about COVID-19. They’ve been providing assistance helpful for the most affected areas.”

“And as we celebrate the Iloilo City Charter Day today, we also celebrate the unity of our people. Our celebration may be simple, but acknowledging the true essence of the Charter Day makes it special.”

“Iloilo City Charter Day is not really about the colorful parades, flamboyant ceremonies, but rather it is about you, me, us. It is about what you have done for your fellow Ilonggos and your contributions to our beloved city. As long as we are united as one people, we will always have a reason to celebrate our Charter Day.”

“Happy 83rd Iloilo City Charter Day sa inyo nga tanan. Uswag Iloilo!”


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