Iloilo City launches first-ever zero-emission electric bus

sm iloilo electric bus

Iloilo City streets welcomed the first zero-emission and fully electric shuttle bus courtesy of SM City and More Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power), during its launch Sept. 15 to support the City Government’s green initiatives.

“This will help improve air quality and address noise pollution in our city. E-buses will also be great service to the Ilonggos. It is more comfortable and efficient and can help us reduce our reliance on fossil fuels” stressed Mayor Jerry Treñas.

“This is a significant milestone for our city and a testament to our commitment towards a cleaner and more sustainable future,” he added.

This aims to reduce pollution and congestion; improve the quality of life of employees and passengers; create a shared technological infrastructure to simplify everyday life; operate a financially viable and sustainable business that revolves around clean transport and life solutions.

MORE Power Vice President Niel Parcon and Mayor Jerry Trenas.
MORE Power Vice President Niel Parcon and Mayor Jerry Trenas.

“More Power is excited in this partnership with SM in introducing to you the SM Iloilo Electric Bus, a game-changing addition to our city’s transportation landscape. This project offers an exciting opportunity to drive innovation and accelerate the adoption of sustainable transportation solutions in the city,” said Niel Parcon, Vice President for Corporate Planning and Regulatory Affairs of MORE Power.

The 30-passenger seating capacity membership shuttle service offers free ride from Sept. 15 to 23 Monday to Saturday from City Hall to Ceres Terminal and back with stops at SM Delgado, Strata and Savemore Jaro.

To avail themselves of the opportunity for a free ride, commuters should simply head to the said designated pick-up points.

Launching of first ever zero emission electric bus at SM City Iloilo.

From Sept. 25-30, to continue to avail the free ride, download a GETPASS app; create account; join the org: SM Iloilo Electric Bus; acquire membership tokens; and generate a QR Code which will be used to scan getting on and off the bus.

“With the SM Electric Bus, transportation in Iloilo City is going to the next level with reduced pollution and congestion, and improved quality of life for our employees, passengers, and the community,” said Engr. Gilbert Domingo of SM City Iloilo.

“The SM electric bus is also an affirmation of our sustainability initiative to contribute to a more livable and clean city. And our affirmation to be a strong partner of Iloilo City, in its goal of giving a better way of life to the Ilonggos,” he added.

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