New SM Cinema Iloilo offers best movie experience

New SM City Iloilo Cinema

Moviegoers are up for a treat as SM Cinema Iloilo opens with the newest features that offer the ultimate in movie viewing experience.

Two(2) regular cinemas with 117 seats for Cinema 1 and 2, each have a screen size of 8.6-meter width by 3.6-meter height will provide convenience with right the amount of distance of watching movies in the big screen.

Watching a movie will be an experience like never before as the new cinemas are equipped with very spacious interior, super-soft, deep cushioned foam, Opus gliding seats by Ferco with wide legroom on each row of cinema seats.

Ilonggos can now enjoy a total cinematic experience with stunning display with advance digital projection and phenomenal sound from Dolby-enabled, state of the art digital cinemas.

Cinema 3 is equipped with the newest and bigger cinema screen format, introducing the “Large Screen Format” with a total of 299 seats and features a super-sized screen almost 30% larger than the regular cinema screen size. This format uses the Christie 6P laser projection system that produces the brightest images with 80% illumination and offers the best 3D platform that accurately reproduces the colors of the actual movie set, developing the most immersive cinema experience.

The SM Large Screen Cinema also proudly uses the DOLBY ATMOS Sound System and the top-of-the-line Christie Vive Speakers, its audience fully immersed in surround-sound technology.

The Cinema Lobby is at its modern industrial look, adorned creatively with photo murals for young and fresh photo backgrounds. The Snack Time popcorn is back, known for its signature fresh popcorn customers can enjoy while watching the movies.

Industrial look lobby

Also to watch out for is the opening in the near future are the two (2) Director’s Club Cinemas that offers extraordinary cinema comfort with its plush leather seats, in-house butler service, and an exclusive food men just for its guests.

But there’s more! IMAX is also set to open soon with state-of-the-art features that will further elevate the excitement of going to the movies.

IMAX has always delivered the greatest contrast but now with laser IMAX is going to reach contrast levels substantially higher than ever before. Getting more contrast means more detail in the image, and a heightened level of realism that makes you forget you are watching a movie.

And to top the excitement, it will be the first of its kind for SM Cinema to open IMAX with Laser, and that’s in Iloilo City.

IMAX will offer an Immersive Experience, designed to fill one’s field of vision. The screen is several times larger than a standard theatre screen and is slightly curved with seats angled, allowing audience to have an unobstructed view of the movie screening.

Heart pounding audio. Pitch perfect tuning. perfectly tuned sound, everytime. Awe-Inspiring Images. Dual Projection. Unparalleled brightness and brilliant clarity.

SM Cinema Iloilo is opening to bring in the best cinema experience for the cinema aficionados and to the art-loving Ilonggo community, who loves to spend quality time with family and friends.

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